Karel Kalıp R&D Center 

Karel Kalıp Sanayi A.Ş. have been operating as an R&D Center with the official approval of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology since 2015. Given how rapidly moulding and production technologies are evolving, R&D and innovation have never been more important. Our team of experts are currently at work on the following technologies:

Our expert R&D Team is currently at work on the following technologies:

Lightweight studies with new generation composite and plastic materials,

Moldability of polyurethane materials,

İnmold Decoration studies,

Termoforming Process development,

Overmolding Process development,

Insert Molding Process development,


Environment friendly production technologies are very important for us to leave a better world to next generations. Inline with the automotive industry target of lightweighting as part of reduction of carbon emissions, lightweight projects are top priority for our R&D Team.  

Natural Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Injection Mould Development Project

Natural fiber-reinforced thermoplastic materials are replacing conventional PP materials at the production of large door panels withhigher aesthetic expectations.

The new materials are successfully creating lighter door panels, as well as, more environment friendly and ensure way better noise reduction.

We have successfully utilized innovative injection methods in Inmold forming and Overmolding in our R&D lab.

Mold Development Through Twin Sheet Vacuum Process Project

Air ducts in vehicles are most commonly manufactured with blow molding technology. 

In this joint project with TOFAŞ, we not only developed the process of lightweighting through a double plate vacuum-reinforced moulding technology but also implemented a manufacturing and molding process for complex shaped low density materials for the first time in Turkish Market. We have successfully designed, produced and tested a twin sheet machine in our R&D lab. This project has been realized with support of Tübitak and Teydeb.

Mould Development Utilizing Mucell (Microcellular Foam Injection) Technology Project

Design & manufacturing process for an engine under cover part has been developed with combination of MuCell and Overmolding technologies and customer financial and technical targets achieved successfully.

The motor housing part that was supported by a microcellular foam structure was thus realized and was tested to meet certain technical and financial parameters.

Overmoulding Applications

We have combined advanced molding techniques with polymer textile technology.

In 2008, we have developed a four cavity mudguard mold, which created a lightweight part with side benefits of reduced the vibration transfer to the vehicle and extra noise reduction at a joint project with our customer, IAC. 



As Karel Kalıp, we know that, cooperation with other R&D centers, universities, national & international companies at every chance, brings new technologies and innovation.

As a result, with our contribution, we are paving the way;

  • To economic progress by transforming cooperation into technology and production.
  • To R&D and innovation.
  • To new technologies.

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