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Türkiye Kalıpçılığında Bir İlki Gerçekleştirerek, 2019 Tedarikçi Zirvesi Yaptık

“VAZGEÇMEYECEĞİZ” mottosuyla çıktığımız kalıpçılık yolunda bir ilki daha gerçekleştirerek 2019 Tedarikçi Zirvesi düzenledik. Bu yıl ilk defa düzenlediğimiz Tedarikçi Zirvesi 2019’a katılım gösteren tüm iş ortaklarımıza zirvemizi onurlandırdıkları için teşekkür ederiz.

Zirvede, tedarikçilerimizin sorularını yanıtlayıp, işlerini geliştirmek ve kalitelerini arttırmak için yapacakları kalite belgelendirme süreçlerini yönetmede destek ve yardımcı olacağımızı ilettik.

Son olarak tedarikçilerimize plaketlerini ve katılım belgelerini verdik.

6 Axis Deep Hole Drilling and Milling Machine Investment

As Karel Kalip, with 25 years of experience, we provide medium and large scale plastic injection and SMC molds production, maintenance and modification processes to the automotive sector. We sell our molds that we produce with high quality and speed to the best of the sector by working 100% automotive oriented. In addition to the molds of parts such as bumper, IP, door panel, front grille, etc., our greatest passion is sustainable development through our studies in our R & D Center and engineering and molding of lightweight processes such as mucell, twin sheet, chemical foaming.

This year we added the CHETO 6 Axis Deep Hole Drilling and Milling Machine that we commissioned for production modernization, efficiency and quality. Within the dynamics of the automotive industry, we are proud to increase our quality capacity day by day and to reduce the processing times in the large scale molds we produce.

We continue our goal of becoming the best mold manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe by balanced and quality-oriented growth with our personel, machinery and equipment investments planned until the end of 2020, reaching 70% of our exports rate.


KAREL KALIP hosted Ford America team

We hosted Ford America team on February, which is one of the worlds leading automotive manufacturer.

Thank you very much for Ford team.

Dunya Newspaper Interview on January 31


At the Metal Expo Istanbul, where all the leaders of industry in the steel market are represented, we gave presentations on the opportunities and expectations on the plastic injection moulding industry and on the steel supply in Turkey and around the world.

We Completed the Business Excellence Project Successfully

We are happy to complete the business excellence project successfully.

TOFAS grants KAREL KALIP the "Cooperation Cultivation Award"

On 22 March 2016, as part of the "Supplier Information Sharing Seminar and Awards Ceremony" organized by the TOFAŞ Turkish Automobile Factory, we were awarded the "Cooperation Cultivation Award". The factors that went into our firm being awarded the distinction were the care we showed in manufacturing the moulds for the 356 Fiat EGEA project and the swiftness and cooperation we displayed during the modification process of the imported plastic injection moulds for the same project. It makes us proud to be recognized for our cooperative approach, our transparency throughout the manufacturing process, and our customer-centric approach. We offer our thanks to TOFAŞ for this award.

Industry-Focused Projects In Cooperation with Sabanci University

Sabanci University lends new meaning to university-industry cooperation through its Industry-Focused Projects program. The first fruits of the program were presented as part of the Spring Reception held on 11 May 2017 in the Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center. Executives from over thirty companies from various sectors, all leaders in their respective fields, were invited to the reception.

In this platform that brings Sabancı University students and industrialists together, we enjoyed the students' input on our processes and helped them with their theses.

Turkey's First R&D Center Manufacturing Plastic Injection Moulds

We have always strived to take advantage of our experience of 25 years to present our customers in the form of creative, innovative and sustainable ideas. For our efforts, on 22 October 2015, we were recognized as an R&D Center by Turkey's Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Keeping abreast of the ever-changing and ever-evolving moulding technologies, we work on innovative plastic injection moulding concepts and R&D projects not just in Turkey, but around the world. Our foremost priority in this effort is the preservation of the environment through the reduction of vehicle weight and consumption of gas.